They text their friends all day long. They do research for their term papers on laptops. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton

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问题     They text their friends all day long. They do research for their term papers on laptops. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton College, students are still hauling(拖,拉)around bulky, old-fashioned textbooks—and loving it.
    "The screen won’t go blank," said Faton Begolli, a sophomore. "There can’t be a virus. It wouldn’t be the same without books. They’ve defined ’academia’ for a thousand years. "
    Though the world of print is receding before a tide of digital books, and other Web sites, a generation of college students appears to be holding fast to traditional textbooks. That loyalty comes at a price. Textbooks are expensive and students’ frustrations with the expense, as well as the emergence of new technology, have produced a confusing array(大量)of options for obtaining them.
    Internet retailers, like Amazon, are selling new and used books. They have been joined by several Web services that rent textbooks to students. Some 1 500 college bookstores are offering rentals this fall. Here at Hamilton, students this year have a new way to avoid the middleman: a nonprofit Web site, which lets them sell used books directly to one another.
    The explosion of stores and forms including digital books, which are rapidly becoming more sophisticated-has left some students confused. After completing the heavy lifting of course selection, they are forced to weigh cost versus convenience, analyze their own study habits and guess which texts they will want for years to come.
    "It depends on the course," said Victoria Adesoba. "Last semester, I rented for psychology, and it was cheaper. But for something like organic chemistry, I need to keep the book. E-textbooks are good, but it’s tempting to go on Facebook, and it can strain your eyes. "
    According to the National Association of College Stores, digital books make up just under 3 percent of textbook sales, although the association expects that share to grow to 10 to 15 percent by 2012 as more titles are made available as e-books.
    In two recent studies, three-quarters of the students surveyed said they still preferred a bound book to a digital version. Many students are reluctant to give up the ability to flip quickly between chapters, write in the margins and highlight(强调)passages, although new software applications are beginning to allow students to use e-textbooks that way.
Why do many college students hold to traditional books rather than digital books?

选项 A、Because traditional books are expensive.
B、Because traditional books are convenient to carry.
C、Because the function of traditional books is steady.
D、Because the digital books are old-fashioned now.


解析 推理判断题。定位段表明,学生认为电子书具有不稳定的特点,而这正是传统书籍的优势之一。由此可推知,C)“因为传统书籍的功能稳定"与之符合,故为正确答案。